• Before Hollywood: Kriv Stenders

    Watching Kriv Stenders’ film about The Go-Betweens made me homesick.   Hearing ‘Cattle and Cane’ killed me. It’d been a while. Only music can do that. Bang! That forlorn bass-line wrapped itself around my heart and squeezed out a river of tears. From the depths. From a lifetime ago.  … Read more >

  • Rock Solid: Alex McMillan

    Alex McMillan is a player of hard rock and a lover of rocking hard.   Raised on a diet of guitar gods and double-denim ’70s hair bands, he is also a third generation motor mechanic.   His dad Trevor is my mechanic. And my dad’s. He’s been keeping our cars… Read more >

  • When Tomorrow Comes: Christian Vance

    Berlin is no stranger to ‘cross-cultural exchange’. An historical “hub” between Eastern and Western Europe, immigrants have been steadily arriving for over 800 years.   You could say the city was built on it.   Something former mayor Klaus Wowereit was supremely aware of when in 2003 he proudly proclaimed… Read more >